How I got my 12yr old daughter to MTB

Josie, Peyton and Ellie on Ewoke Trail, Mt.
For a long time I have been trying to find experiences that I know will be successful for my daughter with biking. Why you say? Don't your kids just love biking already you say?  Well, no. Ellie has not been totally psyched about biking, in fact it has been like pulling teeth and using bribes to be honest..........until I used some techniques below....!
A couple of factors have shifted Ellies "head strong" beliefs on biking.

1. We bought her a really sweet bike - Not on sale either. She picked it out according to the paint job of course. (Purple and green) Going to all the bike shops in Msla and giving her the power to choose was huge for her. As a second child she often gets the hand-me-downs from big brother, not this time! She got a sweet Specialized Myka girls MTB bike from Big Sky Bikes of Missoula

2. We rallied some other parents to get their girls biking too. This involved not much coaxing at all, in fact once I started shuttling them repeated on the "Ewok Trail" up the Rattlesnake, the girls got a ton of confidence and the momentum snowballed into bike camp.

3.Bike Camp at Marshall Mnt was a major success. This week led up the Missoula XC race that hosted 70 cross-country mountain bike Pros. Ellie worked with coach Lindsey Campell  and even some the Pros came to help with camp (Sam Schultz was one!) They did a great job giving the kids obstacles at their level that provided just enough challenge.

4. Ellie was featured twice with the Missoulian for Biking.... in an outdoor sports piece about the camp, and a video as well. Missoulian Bike Camp Article.
Missoulian newspaper article.

5. Ellie took second at her first mnt-bike race at Missoula XC race. (against the boys too). Huge confidence builder! This race was right before the Men's Pro race, so all of Missoula was in attendance to cheer for the kids. I like how all the kids got free Big dipper ice creme immediately after the race too.

6. MCF - She got coached by Cris Winner at Missoula Free Ride Camp. Time to learn how to jump! This is a skill all riders should know. Simply tricks like bunny hop too crossing a gap will be fun to learn. Missoula Free Ride facebook page
As a result, all this effort and push has made a huge impact on Ellie with cycling. I am excited to watch her confidence build and garner some serious self esteem. It takes a village to race a little budding cyclist!

7. Ellie became an ALPHA! She was invited to be a junior member of the Women's Mountain Bike Team - MT ALPHA RACING and got really excited to be with girls only! 


Peyton, Josie and ELlie taking a break at Bike Camp.

Girls with Coach Lindsy Campbell at Marshall Mountain wednesday night XC series.

Pro Women rider for Kenda helping with kids bike camp up Rattlesnake..

Missoula Pro Racer Sam Schultz helped coach the camp on the final day....SO RAD!!!!

 National Mnt Bike Race

They rode for Tanner Olson. Our little buddy that died tragically in car accident in July.

We are raising $$$$ in his honor for a bike Park that is in need for Missoula.

We Ride for Tanner facebook page.

I Ride For Tanner!

After the Mens Pro cross-country race - Sam Schultz wins and the Missoula shows the 70 other Pro Riders why we love our hometown champ.

Ellie with fresh blood at the Bike Doc with a "Chain Bite" - no worries.

Ellie going big on "Trick Jump" at the Gravel Pit, Missoula.

Payton and Ellie with Coach Cris Winner at Missoula Free Ride Camp!

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