Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lolo 12 Hour Endurance Race 2016

I have been mtb racing since 1993, but yesterday day was the most rewarding experience ever. Although I got my butt kicked by faster teams, I used every fiber of my being to finish my last lap under the cut of time at the Lolo 12 Hour Endurance Race. \
Thanks for all the cheers to get me over the finish line with 17 seconds to spare. 
50miles, 11,000ft, sore as hell.

Click here for mapping and stats

Love these ladies I raced with!
Best Quad Team outfit.

Duo Team Jen and John. 10 laps together with equals over 100 miles in 12 hours. I did 50 and John did 50 too. (22,000 ft of elevation)

Got to help out Levi and other kids during the race on the kids skills course for Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day - Click here for my interview on NBC Montana;

 Enjoying my sweet swag after the race on the way home (downhill bike googles - PINK!)

TOSRV - 226 miles around the Mission Mnt Range

Oh boy!
226 miles this weekend around the Mission Mtn Range.
Here are a few clips from John Bardsley's 1st summer adventure that he has planned for me celebrating our 20 yr anniversary. Neat that we did this in 1996 (B.C. - Before Children)
Click HD, music by Tame Impala 

Day One - 132 Miles from Missoula to Big Fork along the Swan Range.
Day Two - 101 Miles from Big Fork to Missoula along Flathead Lake.

Click below for mapping and stats from that day;
Day One -
Day Two -

Going to the Sun Road with my 6th Graders, Glacier National Park

I am pretty excited about this years adventure with my 6th graders. 
They rocked Going to the Sun Road getting up to the snow!

Whiterim Trail, Utah 100 miles backcountry Canyonlands

Such an amazing trip riding the Whiterim trail. We did this 100 mile bike trip back in 1995 before having kids. So awesome to do with our daughter Ellie and the Grillo Family. 
This trip is like a "river trip" if your interested.