Saturday, October 10, 2015

Whitefish Enduro Race #5 Montana Enduro Series

Ladies rocking stage 3

Super fun racing with the ladies! Every stage was blind for me since I didn't pre-ride the course (DUMB!)

But I was lucky enough to have the Flathead Queen on DH - Erin Bodman to give me the heads up on each trail. It really was sorta a neat challenge to come into every obstacle without any idea. 

I ride the same trails over and over in Missoula and could probably do them backwards with my eyes closed. This was fresh and a little terrifying. 

Good clean fun!

Stage 1 was scary but fun.
Stage 2 was great because there was bacon at the top.
Stage 3 was a bummer because I flatted. 

But, I finished with no injuries and had a great time seeing old friends from 27 years ago (middle school peeps!)
Jen and John after 3 stages

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