Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lone Peak Revenge Enduro Race - Big Sky Montana

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This season I traveled with my team to Big Sky Montana to compete in a 6 stage Enduro race. I am so glad that I am in shape because the amount of riding uphill along with all the descending was an exhausting day.

  • 8,000 ft of Descending
  • 3,000 ft of Climbing (not on a chairlift, actual riding)
I hooked up some of the team members from Flathead's "Soft Pedal Team" and had an epic day with the ladies. It was pretty rad to race all over the mountain. We were riding on serious shale, hitting drops, and fun table tops on flow trail. The hardest stage was the second down a slippery mud slide trying to avoiding trees. It was not pretty. But I was stoked with my time on that one. My favorite stage was three down a sweet tecky single track that I could let go of the brakes and truly drop it!

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