Saturday, October 10, 2015

Curly Lakes, Bitteroot Mountain Range Montana

Almost to 10,000 ft

One of our goals for summer was to do some big mountain bike rides in the high country. This was going to happen during August, and we started out good with our annual Sheep Mountain ride, but then during the following week my mountain bike frame broke, and our plans went haywire.

However, as luck would have it, last weekend, our daughter Ellie raced cross country in Bozeman and Alex had just moved into town, so we decided to head over to see them both on Saturday and then rent a bike for me, camp in the Tobacco Roots Saturday night, and do the ride on Sunday.

We got an early-ish start at 9:30am, and it took us six hours. The ride doesn't disappoint: fun climbs and really challenging descending. In fact, one thing to be ready for on this ride is technical descending - nothing like the smooth stuff we've got in Missoula - and a total body workout. 
An enduro bike would actually be ideal on this ride.

Click here for Mapping details.
At the bottom of the 20 mile ride
Good spot to rest for the 5 hour day riding
9,000ft at the Saddle
Starting the long descent down through rocky shale sections.
Earned a "Whop-Chop" after riding 30 miles and dropping 8,000ft of downhill. Yummy! Thanks Butte America!

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