Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cross Racing for Fitness

How I get up RUN-UPS  Photo by Jed Zilla 
Cyclocross Season has begun, and while I do not particularly enjoy racing on skinny tires with no suspension on bumpy back roads against road bikers, I do it for the kids. Many of the girls I coach like cross, so I want to support them. (Plus, I always lose 5 pounds. FITNESS!) Ha-Ha. But seriously, it does make you a faster rider to be anaerobic for 45 mins. No rest. Just full on racing.
The course at Rolling Thunder (spurgin and tower road) is the best for me. Since I am a mountain biker, this course is fun with lots of tecky spots that I can accelerate. Any other course that is flat, is just a painful day for me.

 With my "little alpha riders" and Else from our High School team.
Tiny downhill to catch my breath at the Ranch Club Race.
Stoked to win the first race of the Season. A rare smile on course.
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