Saturday, October 10, 2015

70 year old Grandma kills it on Mountain Bike

It is not often that I get to coach a 70 year old women in Mountain Biking!
Last week I took my 6th graders out to ride and one of the chaperons was a grandmother. I have seen her ski (She RIPS) so I knew she would be fine. Below is the sweet message she send me on facebook.

Okay, this is the story.
Yesterday I accompanied Sussex School 6th graders on a mountain bike excursion.
And I didn't even know mountain biking was on my bucket list.
I have a "mountain bike", I thought. If it was a mountain style bike years ago, it isn't now!
I can ski almost any slope.
What I am challenged by is mountain biking with 13 very fast 6th graders. I was to bring up the rear in case someone needed help.
Going up was okay. The challenge was finding the right gear.
Going down was a whole other ballgame. narrow trail. trees crowding the trail. rocks (huge rocks smile emoticon between the trees on the trail. I realized fairly early in the downhill I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I stopped counting the trees I narrowly missed. The rocks kept reminding me of the rock which I tripped over while running.
Like I say, I didn't know mountain biking was on my bucket list.
I have checked it off.
Thank you Jen Bardsley! I really did enjoy myself.

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