Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Coaching Little Alphas

Estelle getting some air up the Rattlesnake

This season has been super full of coaching. I took on another group of girls besides our girl's high school team to coach the "Little Alpha's"
This group of girls are ages 11-14. These middle school girl's parents have been asking me for years to take on a younger group, so this year I am riding with them on Thursday Nights. I get emails and calls every week asking for new girls to come ride with this group, unfortunately I am full and cannot take on more girls for the sake of safety. Luckily, I have had the help from the girls I have been coaching for 3 years.
The coolest thing about this has been my older high school girls mentoring the next generation. Each ride on Thursday night is actually a huge group, so I really need their help to keep things manageable on trail. Thanks so much to Ellie, Maddy, Hannah L and Allie who have been consistently helping coach.
Lucia getting a little air on the jump

Little Alpha rides
High school rider Zoey with middle school rider Estelle

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