Tuesday, July 21, 2015

When somebody wrecks in front of you at a race.....

Molly's bar end that caused internal damage

Molly in the hospital 

So my women's team MT ALPHA puts on the local Wednesday night Marshall Mountain race which we all refer to as Beer League since we have free beer for racers from the KettleHouse Brewery.

This season has been a great turn out and I am happy to have raced in all the races.

The last race of the series ended with my friend Molly wrecking in front of me on the downhill. I stopped expediently to help her. This was a bad one. Real bad.

When I got down the mountain to her, she was upside down with her bike tangled on top. I used my soothing voice to let her know that I was there and going to be with her. It was awesome to use my new training in Emergency
Responder (I am a teacher, so I have to be certified every 2 years). 

Molly had a perfect circle from her bar end that left a strange bloody hole at the top of her leg right in between her crotch and hip. It was not really bleeding profusely, and she wouldn't let me put pressure on it, so I worked on keeping her calm till I knew a certain "Doctor" that was racing could stop and help me. It was Dr. Rob, and unfortunately he was having a really really really good race in 3rd place in the men's Elite category. Sorry Rob, but I need you to stop. 

Rob was a rockstar, he assessed Molly and put her on his back to hike her straight up the mountain. It was impressive. I held her back side in case he slipped backwards and we got her up to the top of the trail and waited for the first responders to arrive.

In the end, Molly had to go the the emergence room and had a 7 mil hole that shocked her doctors. She was EXTREMELY lucky to have not bled out if the impact had been just a little closer to her artery. If she had hit there, she would have bled out within 5 mins. 

It was another good reminder to try to always ride in control and always stop to help a rider that has gone down. These wrecks happen within a second and the results can ruin a summer.
Injuries are annoying

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