Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weekly MTB Racing at Marshall Mountain (Beer League and Missoula XC)

Single Speed Podium 
So, I love this course. This is my home town stomping ground. The Marshall Mountain 5 mile loop is complete with pinchy, steep and loose switchbacks up and a fast descent full of off-camber turns, water bars, a gap jump on the “A” line with a landing between pad-wrapped trees (there is a “B” line to avoid the big air) and don't forget the crowd pleasing ramp jump near the finish. At the bottom is the "local glory" section which I bring jrs to ride and work on skills at the bottom of the mountain. This course is the real deal, you have to be fit and strong to make the technical climb and have guts backed by strong bike handling skills to descend without wrecking. I love it. 

This year my favorite podium moment was 3rd place for Single Speed. It was my first single-speed race and it was grueling on the the mostly up-hill course of the Marshall course.
It was rad to MTB race at night under the lights, however is was pretty sketch in the trees. i really had to concentrate in the dark woods of "Local Glory". Since we were the last race after all the Pro Men and Pro Women's races, it was fun to have all the crowd cheering with a beer in hand. Special thanks to the Gravity Guild Dudes for converting my bike to a single speed.

Since my team helps put on the race, I am usually a little insane on wednesday since I have to run around and pick up beer, get ice, help get the tables, tents, registration, water, set course, ect....Then race and take everything down after. (Someones gotta do it!) Honestly I dont do nearly as much as the board members on my team with putting on the race. Kudos to these girls and all their volunteer time providing bike events for our community.
Checking the course

Running registration

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I finished 3 Marshall Mtn races
Race #1 - 2nd women's A
Race #2 - 4th Women' A
Race #3 - Helped Molly when she wrecked in front of me
Race #4 - 3rd place in Women's Single Speed (under the lights) Missoula XC

So far, I have been able to get 2 jr girls to race it (and ride the full course). Way to go Baylee and Allie! 

Baylee and Jen, Allie with a good bleeder after the race
Kristine killing it!
 Fast Ladies with the Boys in Cat 1

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