Monday, July 20, 2015

12 hours of Lolo MTB Race

Waiting for my turn.

This race I did as a Duo with my team mate Julie. Her husband is my dentist and I was in getting a cleaning (she cleans my teeth) and I mentioned to her that I wanted to do this 12 hour next Saturday. Does she wanna race? 2 days later we are registered and ready to go. Funny thing though, Julie has a new baby and wanted to only ride in the morning. Usually in an endurance race as a Duo you take turns, but I was desperate to race so I agreed to endure the heat of the afternoon.

 This was a prettty cool race that included 40 miles of 10,000ft of climbing. Event organizers were giving away a free bike for the fastest "hot-lap" , so I went hard and ended up eating-it. This wreck actually messed me up good and when I got up off the ground to retreive my bike, the bars were bent due to my ribs, a good hard slam to the shoulder and skid down the left side of of my body left me feeling fairly beat-up. Those wrecks suck so bad at the beginning of a race. I had to pull it together and race another 30 more miles with 8,000ft of climbing in the heat of the day. Brutal.

In the end, Julie and I took 2nd overall. It was awesome to be on podium and I was super stoked to be apart of such a great inaugural event. Great job organizers!
After 12 hours of riders on the same loop, the course got fairly nasty and dusty.
Team Jen &Julie along with Jenna who raced on a Coed Duo team
Stoked to take 2nd 

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