Monday, July 20, 2015

100 girls at the Mt ALPHA Skills Clinic!

Next Generation

So this years skills clinic was amazing! We sold out again to fill our permit for 100 riders. This was my 3rd year in a row coaching the littlest rippers on bikes. Our jr girls category was such a delight with 9 year olds that were eager to fly down single track.

Special treat for me to have my high school girls that I have been coaching for years come help me and lead small groups. I loved watching them mentor the younger girls and deal with the challenges that come with coaching kids with limited skills.

We had one girl brake her arm, so that was a super bummer. She went down on a classic corner that I know many folks wreck on the Ewok Trail. Luckily this 10 year old has a great attitude and came back for awards later in the afternoon to cheered by 100 plus women on bikes.
Thanks Zilla State for the use of this rad van to shuttle girls on trail! We can load 10 bikes on this bad boy!
Giving out award to the youngest girls in the clinic
Introducing Coaches to the 100 women that signed up for our clinic. Pro Rider and Olympian Sam Schultz on the right.
Dads giving me their daughters for the day.

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