Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Raising $$$ for Tanner Olson Memorial Bike Park

6th graders creating one of a kind helmets for fundraiser at Missoula Bicycle Works

One of the cool benefits about being an Art Teacher is that I can influence my kids with cycling through 3D works!

My 6th graders all created original helmets for this years Helmet Projects. This year they earned over $500 for the Bike Park!

Thanks for everyone that came to Missoula Bicycle Works and bid on the helmets!
I wonder who got my Owl Helmet?

Sussex 6th Graders created custom bike helmets for their Service Learning Project
Artist - Jen Bardsley

MT Alpha High School Girls!

This spring has been great to get out with our super fun high school girls
I have got to ride with Ellie, Baylee, Madison and Hannah L. This spring we are all super busy with after school activities, so summer will open up more time for getting on trails.

At our last meeting, we decided to switch to Tuesday nights at 6pm. The same time we have
been riding the past 3 years.