Thursday, October 16, 2014

Race Season Update

Dropping the Bridge at Missoula XC - Photo by James Farrugia

Video of Jen racing in Canada 

My Race season has been pretty fun!
This season I competed around Montana and in Canada.

I was super bummed to not be able to race at the Butte 50 this year and defend podium due to an overuse injury on the right leg. Big thanks to Mt ALPHA racer and Physical Therapist Jaime Terry at Alpine Physical Therapy for all her PT work on my right leg. Thankfully I was able to heal up for the end the season racing due to Jamie's excellent care.

  • Scratch Gravel - Helena 2nd place
  • (3 races) Kettle House Beer League - Marshall Mountain Women A Series 
  • (4th place series points)
  • Missoula XC 5th place
  • Missoula Hair of the Dog Enduro 4th place
  • Fernie Downhill Race Series - Canada  3rd place
  • Montana Enduro Race - Helena  3rd Place
  • Missoula CycloCross Womens A Race #2 - 3rd place
  • Missoula Cyclocross Womens A race #3 - 2nd place
  • Missoula Cyclocross Womens A race #4 - 4th place
  • Missoula cyclocross Womens A race #5 - 4th place
  • Rolling Thunder Women's Elite Race - 16th place

Missoula XC Race - Jen is stoked to make podium!
Racing in Helena at Scratch Gavel
Scratch Gravel Race in Helena Montana. BURRRR COLD!
Scratch Gravel Race!
My Bike waiting to drop in at Enduro Race in Helena.
Waiting to drop in at Helena Endruo Race (Stage one)
Stoked to take 3rd at Helena's Enduro Race
Cyclocross Race #4
Cyclocross Race #2
Enduro Race at Hair of the Dog on Dead Mans Ridge. These are boys that I coached the week before at Missoula XC Camp. 
Enduro Race in Missoula
Jen racing in Canada
Racing in Canada in Fernie! Stoked to take 3rd place

Great Season coaching with Jr Girls!

So much fun! Sometimes when we ride, we have to do 80's Style! Fun riding at Snowbowl

As I look back on this season of coaching and riding with the Jr Girls, I can't help but feel so much gratitude that these girls will ride single track with me. I make them ride up hill, re-do features, fix flat tires and they keep showing up.

Honestly, these teens are rock stars. We have so much fun. SO MUCH! Think of your best ever slumber party times 10 and on the mountain going fast.

Weekly rides were all over the Missoula area including The Rattlesnake, Blue Mountain, Patty Canyon, The Bitteroot Area, Snowbowl, Butte CDT and Discovery Ski Area.

Over and over I heard the girls state that the trails were getting easier than the last time they road them. They are progressing and it is a joy to be behind watch them slay it!
Elise always had a smile on trail!

Ellie and Allie at Missoula XC Race
Most of our rides included adventure

Always tons of smiles on rides with the Jr Girls. Bente, Hannah W, Estelle and Elise up the Rattlesnake
Ellie on single track
It was awesome to have some of the Mt Alpha Race team ride with the Jr Girls this season
Baylee raced awesome at Helena Werks Race! Way to go girl! Podium!
This season we traveled to many new trails around Montana! Adventure outside of Butte Montana on the CDT

Awesome evening rides with the girls at Blue Mountain.
We did a tons of rides on Blue Mountain. Super fun with Alli, Hannah, Skye, Ellie, Hannah W and Baylee
Ellie got a new full suspension mtb this season and killed every downhill. She is scary fast
Jr Developement ride with 3rd graders - Gretal, Lily and Hallie slayed trail up the Rattlesnake
Skye loving the single track on the CDT trail near Butte
Car rides to the trails are pretty fun with this crew
Baylee in Beargrass Heaven at Snowbowl
Flat Tire on the BearGrass highway trail at Snowbowl. Girls worked together to change flats. Maddy, Hannah and Skye working it.
This summer we did many rides up Patty Canyon. Hannah L and Elise waiting to drop in behind Zoe W.
Allie, Clara and Ellie - Ready for trail, meeting at the Bardsleys to go ride.

Allie dropping at Missoula XC race -Way to go girl!
Jr Girls development - I got to ride with many girls from Sussex where I teach this summer too!
Jr Girls Elise, Bente, Tilda, Zoe and Solveig

killing it at the Gravel Pits, Missoula
Allie, Ellie and Baylee getting a bike workout in at Momentum
Elise and Hannah at Marshall Mountain

So much love! Thanks Kristine for coming on rides with us!
Rocking the Discovery Bike Park

Feeling Boss on the Trail
Maddy killing it on the CDT trail near Butte, MT

Elise and Zoey rocked the Cyclocross Season
Jr Girls at Cyclocross Races this season