Friday, June 27, 2014

My Son Needs Dirt

My sons tools.... a shovel, a rake, a mcloud and a pulaski. 
My son doesn't have a drivers license, he is 17 and prefers his bike. 
My son thinks about dirt. 
My son thinks about shaping, building and creating. 
My son will spend his Friday night working on a lip of a jump, smooth out the landing and stare at the trany to make sure the transition is right. 
My son is a Dirt Jumper and can't share his work because it will be destroyed.
My son needs a place, a place to sweat, to create, to be with his friends, to push his boundaries.
My son is an outlaw everywhere he tires leave the ground.
My son wears a t-shirt that says, "I RIDE FOR TANNER"
My son hopes the bike park will be built for TANNER so he won't have to leave.
My son is a Pro Athlete with no where to train.
My son knows his mom will drive great distances for dirt and jumps with bikers that understand.
My son wants to share his knowledge of dirt.
My son needs dirt.

- Jen Bardsley

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