Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coaching Jr Girls in Moab Utah

Baylee, Ellie, Skye, Coach Jen and Allie
For my final week as an Ambassador for Specialized Women I got the great opportunity to take some of the girls that I have been coming to my Tuesday night rides and have a week in Moab with them. These girls moved onto my Mt Alpha Jr Girls Team and are now "Trail Slayers" 

I cannot thank Specialized Women enough for the amazing opportunity to get girls on bikes. Truly it has been the best year ever influencing teenage girls on bikes. I plan to keep rolling with these girls hopefully get more girls mountain biking!

What a great week in Moab over Spring Break.
The girls were blown away by the slick rock and sandy conditions. Big drops and cliffs proved to be harder riding than our usual Missoula dirt trails, but the girls were up to the challenge.

It was great training to push every limit on all the rides we did. Some rides we were racing the weather (afternoon storm systems) and some rides we were dealing with a hard wreck with beat-up bodies. The girls were champs though. Flat tires and bloody noses did not stop their drive to ride more trail. In fact, sometimes we repeated a section to practice tight turns into a steep uphill or getting our butts way back over that back wheel.

I was really impressed with the choice of lines that the girls took on Slick Rock, so many ways to drop a descent or climb a steep section, but they really looked ahead and made created flowy and fun downhills. It is truly a joy to ride behind them and follow their lead.

Baylee, Skye,Allie and Ellie on Slick Rock
Rock On Skye!
Steep Sections on Slick Rock
Going up!
Going Down!   Amasa Back Tail
Good spot for lunch
Girls had to fix their flat tire (Ellie and Baylee assisting)
                                                            Trying to beat the storm
Crossing creek at the bottom of Capt Ahab

Coach Jen with Ellie and Allie on Hy Masa.

I Am Specialized

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