Monday, April 28, 2014

Blue Mountain Advanced Jr Girls Ride

At the Top - all smiles while the spring rain starts.

Loved getting the girls together for our first Jr Girls weekly ride at Blue Mountain. All our rides have been cancelled due to weather, but we finally got together for some "grapple" conditions.

Excited to have a new friend come along. Ella was a champ after braking her chain. Luckily, it was all downhill after the mechanical. She did great on her first single track descent!
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Elle broke her chain

We also celebrated Ellie's 14th birthday! Ellie got this sweet new mountain bike (a lighter bike with full suspension!) whoop whoop!
She was so excited when we gave it to her (tears).

Ellie's new bike! 
The girls rode hard up the mountain and were bummed to turn around due to a mechanical. Check out our stats on Strava;
Beautiful Day at Blue Mountain!
Arriving at Big Dipper Icecreme after ride

Friday, April 18, 2014

Women's Ride Day - May 31st

Interested in Mountain Biking?

Not sure how to start?

We can help!

Come ride with us! 

Mt Alpha Women's Cycling and Big Sky Bikes have teamed up with Specialized Women for a National Day of Riding!

May 31st

Meet at Big Sky Bikes to Mountain Bike up the Rattlesnake!
2013 Womens Ride Day

2013 Women's Ride Day

I Am Specialized

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Love My Bike - Ode to my Specialized Rumor

Photo: I love where my bike takes me! 
Another epic day on sand and slick rock. 
How magical it is in the desert.

Specialized Women
MT Alpha Cycling

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I love where my bike takes me! Beautiful Evening on the Back 40 Trail, Moab Utah.

Ode to my Rumor

I Love my Bike. It is almost ridiculous really. The Specialized Rumor designed specifically for women's body geometry is so smooth, so fast, and so safe dropping big descents and gnarly rocks. I had the best time riding in Moab on all the crazy technical trails on this bike.

Turning 39 this year, one thing I really appreciated was not feeling beat-up at the end of the day. My back did not hurt and arms were not tired because all the suspension took the brunt of the beating. I felt fresh every morning to get in a morning sesh and evening sesh on my Rumor.

One of the best features of this bike is the command post. Being able to drop the seat with a click of the button is great beacuse you really need to have your butt way back over that back wheel on rocky drops and fast and flowy downhills. I loved that it would just pop back up for a steep uphill.

This bike is the total backpackage for XC and Downhill.

(Side Note - The last time I mountain biked down in Moab was riding the WhiteRim Trail on a rigid Stumpjumper in 1995. Back then, I though my bike was pretty cool and it did the job well. In 1996, I got pregnant and decided too just backpack in Utah, so I hung up my bikes until 2013 when I got my Rumor. Specialized Women's first full suspension Mountain bike designed specifically for women's body geometry - Ok, big Big BIG difference! )

 Yeahhhhhhhh! Pulled of the road and dropped some sand dunes. Fun!

My Rumor on the Hy Masa Trail

Freezing Morning Camping. Snow in the Desert.
Loved this downhill on my Rumor.

Pretty Girl up above the Colorado River

Bumpy Slick Rock

At the top and ready to drop "Capt Ahab"

I had fun hitting some dirt jumps at the Bike Park in Moab too!

Ahhh Yeah - Loving the view after a long uphill
I Am Specialized

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coaching Jr Girls in Moab Utah

Baylee, Ellie, Skye, Coach Jen and Allie
For my final week as an Ambassador for Specialized Women I got the great opportunity to take some of the girls that I have been coming to my Tuesday night rides and have a week in Moab with them. These girls moved onto my Mt Alpha Jr Girls Team and are now "Trail Slayers" 

I cannot thank Specialized Women enough for the amazing opportunity to get girls on bikes. Truly it has been the best year ever influencing teenage girls on bikes. I plan to keep rolling with these girls hopefully get more girls mountain biking!

What a great week in Moab over Spring Break.
The girls were blown away by the slick rock and sandy conditions. Big drops and cliffs proved to be harder riding than our usual Missoula dirt trails, but the girls were up to the challenge.

It was great training to push every limit on all the rides we did. Some rides we were racing the weather (afternoon storm systems) and some rides we were dealing with a hard wreck with beat-up bodies. The girls were champs though. Flat tires and bloody noses did not stop their drive to ride more trail. In fact, sometimes we repeated a section to practice tight turns into a steep uphill or getting our butts way back over that back wheel.

I was really impressed with the choice of lines that the girls took on Slick Rock, so many ways to drop a descent or climb a steep section, but they really looked ahead and made created flowy and fun downhills. It is truly a joy to ride behind them and follow their lead.

Baylee, Skye,Allie and Ellie on Slick Rock
Rock On Skye!
Steep Sections on Slick Rock
Going up!
Going Down!   Amasa Back Tail
Good spot for lunch
Girls had to fix their flat tire (Ellie and Baylee assisting)
                                                            Trying to beat the storm
Crossing creek at the bottom of Capt Ahab

Coach Jen with Ellie and Allie on Hy Masa.

I Am Specialized