Monday, March 24, 2014

Getting ready for Moab!

Super excited to bring down some of the girls I have been working with this past year to Moab.

I get to ride with 2 middle school girls and 2 high school girls in the desert! Everyone is a little nervous about being on a bike again since we are still under snow in Montana.

Slick rock can be painful to wreck on, but I am sure we will take it easy.

Basically I cant wait to finally ride slick rock with full suspension!

My history in Moab

  • I had a Specialized rock hopper (1993) with no suspension at all. 
  • 1994 I raced on a Specialized Stumpjumper. (Highlight was meeting Missy Giove at awards banquet)
  • 1995 I mountain biked the WhiteRim Trail. This is a must do for any mountain biker. Epic multi day mountain bike trip
  • Fast forward 20 years and after tons of travels down south to adventure, i finally get to ride my new Specialized Rumor! Cant wait!!!!!!

I Am Specialized

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