Sunday, December 1, 2013

Helltrack Bike Race | Portland Oregon

Stoked to win the Women's Race at Helltrack

Traveling to Portland Oregon was such a treat. Helltrack proved to be a super fun race and I was so happy to win the women's race. Plus Size BMX put on a crazy event. The course had a ton of hard obstacles. The Lumberyard proved to be a great venue for such a unique event.

Thankfully I had done Dixie Trix this summer at the Outlaws of Dirt in Colorado, so I had some new skills for wood jumps, berms and wood planks. 

My fave part of the race was the giant bowl of Lucky Charms to ride creative!

Big Love for my Specialized Rumor - my bike was such a beast and gave an edge plowing threw the course. LOVE HER! 

Ruandy Albisurez Photography -
Girls that ride!
Loved meeting so many rad girls like Shelby at The Lumberyard. Shelby rides big air and is a total sweetie too!
Super fun to ride different bike parks along the way from Montana to Oregon. This was an early morning sesh on my Specialized Rumor in Idaho.
Inside The Lumberyard 

I made Podium with my son!
Great event Plus Size BMX!

I Am Specialized

Radio Interview - Jr Girls Rock The TRAIL 103.3

In the Studio at The Trail 103.3

What a treat to be interviewed for the hour long radio show, The Trail Less Traveled with Mandela on the Trail 103.3.

The Girls and I all piled into the radio studio and took turns answering questions about Mountain Biking and all the adventures we did this past season. 

It was awesome to witness the girls all explain in their own way how to ride. I was super impressed with their safety knowledge and insightful thoughts about pushing beyond your limits.
Jr Girls at the Radio Station to be interviewed by Mandela on  The Trail Less Traveled.

Thank you Mandela for the opportunity to talk about my work as Specialized Women's Bike Ambassador and MT Alpha Cycling.
More Girls on Bikes!

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I Am Specialized