Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rolling Thunder Sweep for Jr Girls Race

Alli (1st) Elise (2nd) Hannah (3rd)
I couldn't be more happy than getting these girls to a race to test all the skills we have worked on all season. Rolling Thunder is the premier cyclocross race in Montana. It attracts Pro Riders from all over the northwest!
Allie, Hannah and Elise with Don checking race time.
Our Jr Girls came to Rolling Thunder Race with some skills and determination.
High school sophomore Alli Penington put all her hill climbing miles to the test on the most technical cyclocross course in Missoula. Although her bike was super heavy, she pushed hard up the hike-up section and rocked the berms with style.

2nd place girl rider was Elise Baker. Elise has raced every race at the Missoula Cyclocross Wednesday night series. She easily worked the flat section on her cross bike and kept a steady pace. Also, Elise went on to race the in the Women's Cat 4 race imminently after the Jr's Race. Way to go Elise!

3rd place Hannah Wolf used her sweet mountain bike skills on the technical woops section and dropped the single track downhill section with ease. Hannah worked super hard and we say "GREAT JOB!"
 Hannah on the woops
 Alli on the downhill
 Elise on the hill climb
Hannah working the Berm
 Alli running up the hill climb

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