Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rolling Thunder Race 2013 - Fun to race with the Pro Women!

Rolling Thunder is one of my favorite races of the Season. I Love it!

One reason is because it is at night and so many pro women come to compete. This brings the spectators too. They heckle, hold out beers and money and generally make the brutal race worth the extra effort of pushing it up hills. This year I wore a Bat Girl costume over my MT ALPHA kit, I felt tough with my black eye make-up. (wink!)

The Run Up - tons of Spectators at the top to cheer on racers.

This was my first season on my new Specialized Crux. What a joy to ride such a fast bike! For many years I have been racing on my old kona and just getting spanked, but now I can easily run up hills with my light weight bike and speed through the flat sections.

My highlights at the event was making $15 in cash during race (spectators hold out money for racers). Also, I took a swig of 3 beers, so that got me some good cheers. Also, had fun during the flash mob dance right before the race ( What does the fox say?)

Jen practicing before race start....
"I loved the Woops on the Course - My Specialized Crux was rock and roll"

Thanks for the photo Myke Hermsmeyer Photography
And the race is on!
Fun running over barriers. My bike was so light and easy to get over obstacle's.


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