Monday, October 7, 2013

Cyclocross Race at Fort Missoula

Series leader Pari Kemmick, Zoe Glas currently third in series, and Jen riding for MT Alpha in 2nd place in Series.
Start Line for Men and Women's B Race - Photo by Tom Robertson

This race was my favorite for course design.
I love racing at Fort Missoula, there are rail road features,  historic buildings and lots of fun hills to climb.  I loved the crowd at this race, so many folks turned up to cheer on the hill climb.

I had a good lead on the next rider behind me, so I stopped at the top of the hill to chug a spectators beer that he was offering. Surprisingly, it didn't make me feel bad. (probably because of the cheering squad). I jumped back on my Specialized Crux and did 2 more laps to finish in 2nd for Women's B.

LITTLE HISTORY LESSON - Fort Missoula was established as a permanent military post in 1877 in response to requests from local townspeople and settlers for protection in the event of conflict with western Montana Indian tribes. Intended as a major outpost for the region, area residents were also quite aware of the payroll, contracts and employment opportunities a fort would provide. Fort Missoula never had walls; rather, it was an “open fort,” a design common for posts located west of the Mississippi.
Open forts required troops to take the offensive and actively patrol the areas to which they were assigned.
Tipi-Burner, (cone structure on the left) c.1946; moved 2006 Tipi-Burners were once plentiful in the Missoula Valley, being used by every sawmill to burn waste from the milling operation. (1)
. References (1) Fort Missoula Flyer
The Fast Boyz - Photo by Tom Robertson

   MT ALPHA WOMEN - Claire Frost (3rd in Women's A) and Jen Bardsley (2nd in Women's B) at Race #3 at Fort Missoula.

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