Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jr Girls first Mountain Bike Race | 6 hour Relay for Breast Cancer

Wa-hooooo! All my coaching pays off Big! Look at these strong girls!
I am so proud of them!

This is huge for me!
As a Specialized Women's Bike Ambassador - this is what I have been working toward all summer.
To get all these girls that come to my weekly ride to experience their first race and have it be a fun and successful event. I couldn't be prouder of them! 2nd place as a group relay team and they raised money for Breast Cancer.


1st Annual Pedal Pink MT bike race.

Instead of racing each other, they got to race as a team.

It was also great to be apart of at fundraising effort where all proceeds benefit Tough Enough To Wear Pink of Montana. TETWP provides funding for breast cancer awareness, education, screening, support, and further diagnosis for Montana Men and Women.

The race was up at Lubrecht Experimental Forest, and classifications include QUAD, DUO, and SOLO for both guys and gals competing. Teams with mixed participants will compete in men's class.

  • 8 mile loops where 25% single track, 25% fire-road, 50% double track = 100% good times.  
I was the only woman to register solo, so since I didn't have any competition, I decided to coach my girls on each lap. Racing is way different than a group ride, so it was a perfect opportunity to coach them about energy management, breathing control, starts, down hilling, climbing and cornering.

I have never witnessed the girls riding harder than they did at the race. Each one was full of fire and totally focused. It was truly inspiring!

It was a crisp cold morning day of the race. I came prepared with blankets, beanbag chairs, pillow and tons of food.
6 hour races are a full day.
I wish I had photos of the girls racing, but I was racing too, so no images of them killing it.
Take my word for it.....They rode with heart!
Ellie 13 yrs
 Maddy 15 yrs
 Hannah 13 yrs
 Allie 15 yrs
Hannah 13 yrs
 Baylee 16 yrs
 Skye 13 yrs
 Clara 16 yrs
Solo Women's Bling
 Nothing makes a MONTANA GIRL more happy than a giant belt buckle!
I love my girls!
Special thanks to Specialized Women for all your support. These girls are champs because of you picked me to represent you. I am so grateful for the receiving the opportunity to influence the next generation of female riders.
I Am Specialized

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