Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dixie Trix Bike Jam at Outlaws of Dirt, Colorado

Jen competing at Dixie Trix Dirt Jam at Outlaws of Dirt. Frisco Bike Park, Colorado

How rad was this?
In August, our family traveled to Colorado to ride at Frisco Bike Park just outside of Breckenridge in the heart of the rockie mountains.
It was amazing to have a week at such high elevations to mountain bike.
I signed up for Dixie Trix & the Women's Dirt Jump Jam with Outlaws of Dirt.

These were all the courses we worked on before the Women's Jam.
    • DIRT JUMPS (all sizes)

My Specialized Rumor kicked Butt!
I am so happy to report that not only can this bike kill it on long cross country mountain bike trails, steep crazy down hilling, but it also is awesome for Dirt Jumping!

A real high light for me was riding with so many cool girls.
These girls were studs.
They pushed it on all the jumps and went big!!!

Amazing Dirt Jumps at Frisco Bike Park
Jen's Specialized Rumor ready for Frisco Bike Park, Colorado

 Jen landing her Rumor during the Dirt Jump Jam

Jen so happy to learn from Kat Sweet - She is one of the main catalysts of the women's freeride movement and becoming a highly recognized face in this new era of mountain biking. Her creativity on and off the bike combined with her undying love of the sport and helping others makes Kat the super star that she is today. She is an inspiration to kids, dads, moms, or anyone who might think they are past the age of being able to learn new skills on a bike.
Jen stoked to be with legend Dirt Jumper and organizer Tammy Donahugh.

Jen jumping her Specialized Rumor at Dixie Trix
I Am Specialized

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