Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teaching Girls to Jump their Mountain Bikes

Bike Jumping Sesh with Coach Alex Bardsley

Skye going Big!
One of the perks of having a son that is narly a Pro in Dirt Jumping, is asking him to do mini clinics. Alex is actually a great coach. 
He has coached for years with Missoula Free Ride Camp (5yrs). Recently he was asked by Wooodward at Copper Mountain to come be a Jr     instructor next sumer with the groms. (newbies) 

Thanks Alex for all your instruction! 
The Girls went Big!

Tips for Jumping

1. Stay relaxed, dont tense up and lock up your arms.

2. Start Small and work up to bigger jumps. We all gained confidence and got braver!

3.When you go off of jump stay in a neutral position  Dont have your butt way back over the tire, stay centered on bike.

4. Look ahead when you go off of jump. Most folks want to look at the jump - but like with trail riding, it is good to look 20ft ahead

5. Roll with your wreck. Alex is so good at wrecking that he throws his bike when he bails on a trick and rolls. He stressed not locking up your arms and wrists - this is how bones break.


Maddy showing great form and a relaxed natural postion on the jump

Coach Alex with the girls - Only boy

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  1. Wow it's excellent team work beautiful pic all of you. Thanks for sharing your mountain bike experience.