Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jr Girls Ride - Rattlesnake Adventure, Endo & Icecream

Meeting Spot for Tuesday Night Ride

What a gorgeous evening for our last summer ride together. The girls all go back to school next week, so I planned for us to get BIG DIPPER Ice Cream after the journey.

After leaving the Foot Bridge we rode 4 miles up to the Rattlesnake Trail Head. At the top we met up with a more girls and had a really cool moment of spotting a HUGE OWL! The Owl flew out in front of us and had a wing span of 5 ft - Awesome!

On our way down our sweet Jade wrecked. - it was a massive endo into a dirt. Awful!
Some how she cut the back of her foot and landed on her shoulder, so I called Maddies parents who live close to come pick up Jade. We patched her up and got her laughing again.
We ended up all riding back down to Missoula to get ice cream at Big Dipper.

Big Thanks to Elise's mom Kimberly Baker for her help with the girls. 
Always in Coach Jen's Backpack - First Aid!
Awesome Girls!
Ice Cream heals all wounds!

I Am Specialized

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