Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jr Girls Ride - Rattlesnake Adventure, Endo & Icecream

Meeting Spot for Tuesday Night Ride

What a gorgeous evening for our last summer ride together. The girls all go back to school next week, so I planned for us to get BIG DIPPER Ice Cream after the journey.

After leaving the Foot Bridge we rode 4 miles up to the Rattlesnake Trail Head. At the top we met up with a more girls and had a really cool moment of spotting a HUGE OWL! The Owl flew out in front of us and had a wing span of 5 ft - Awesome!

On our way down our sweet Jade wrecked. - it was a massive endo into a dirt. Awful!
Some how she cut the back of her foot and landed on her shoulder, so I called Maddies parents who live close to come pick up Jade. We patched her up and got her laughing again.
We ended up all riding back down to Missoula to get ice cream at Big Dipper.

Big Thanks to Elise's mom Kimberly Baker for her help with the girls. 
Always in Coach Jen's Backpack - First Aid!
Awesome Girls!
Ice Cream heals all wounds!

I Am Specialized

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teaching Girls to Jump their Mountain Bikes

Bike Jumping Sesh with Coach Alex Bardsley

Skye going Big!
One of the perks of having a son that is narly a Pro in Dirt Jumping, is asking him to do mini clinics. Alex is actually a great coach. 
He has coached for years with Missoula Free Ride Camp (5yrs). Recently he was asked by Wooodward at Copper Mountain to come be a Jr     instructor next sumer with the groms. (newbies) 

Thanks Alex for all your instruction! 
The Girls went Big!

Tips for Jumping

1. Stay relaxed, dont tense up and lock up your arms.

2. Start Small and work up to bigger jumps. We all gained confidence and got braver!

3.When you go off of jump stay in a neutral position  Dont have your butt way back over the tire, stay centered on bike.

4. Look ahead when you go off of jump. Most folks want to look at the jump - but like with trail riding, it is good to look 20ft ahead

5. Roll with your wreck. Alex is so good at wrecking that he throws his bike when he bails on a trick and rolls. He stressed not locking up your arms and wrists - this is how bones break.


Maddy showing great form and a relaxed natural postion on the jump

Coach Alex with the girls - Only boy

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Which Mountain Bike is right for you?

Jen's Specialized Rumor - Women's Full Suspension 29er - a bike ready for any obstacle!
So many bikes!
As Specialized Women's MNT bike ambassador, I get this question daily in emails, facebook messages and on my women's weekly rides. I even have met ladies at restaurants for lunch to discuss which Specialized Bike is the right fit for them.
Here’s what to know before you go into a shop:
*What do you want to do on your bike?
  • Are you a first-time rider who wants to try out the trials, or are you looking to race or join a women's team? 
 “No bike shop owner knows this,” says Erin Sprague, women’s product manager at Specialized. “The shop can help you with the technical details. But only you understand what drives you and what kind of experience you’re seeking.”

A full suspension 29ner is overkill for a lady that just wants to commute on trails to work.

Demo Day with Specialized Bikes
All the Jr Girls tried out their dream bike.

*Who will you be riding with?

Most women like to ride with a group, the desire to have a bike is often peer driven. You don't want to be on a bike that can not handle trip to Moab or Frutia with your friends. It is good to invest in a bike that can handle what you plan to dish up. Investing in yourself as a woman cyclist is awesome, and you deserve to have the sweetiest ride possible.
As for Teenage girls it is a little more tricky - I have some High School girls that saved their pennies to invest in a new Specialized Stumpjumper.

Spending $3,000 is a lot of money for a family, but she is driven with cycling and races competitively. Her parents see this bike as an investment that she can use for years.

Clara with her new Specialized Stumpjumper

On the other end, I have 12yr old girls just starting out with MNT biking, so I wouldn't advise them to get such a fancy bike. But, they should not be riding a "department store bike" - This will put them as a disadvantage with the group. They will have to work harder with a heavy model, and I will be constantly fixing stuff on rides.  The great thing about Specialized is that you get so much for your $.

Let me tell you, these girls ride hard, and they deserve decent gear.

 Hannah with her new Myka Disc 26 wheel

Kristine and Claire leading women's race in Missoula, Montana.
On my women's team (Mt Alpha) this season we have several girls that are racing the Specialized Fate.
This bike is SWEET!

Super fast, light and sexy. Our 2 top women's racers are both on Fate's and leading the region with 1st and 2nd place podiums for Cat One women.

Kristine contemplating trail with her Specialized Fate

11 yr old Elise on her Specialized Myka

 I Am Specialized

Jr Girls weekly ride

Feeling Boss
 The girls and I decided to start riding during the day since it is fun to jump in the river or creek
This week we met at the Walking Bridge to have our bikes checked up by Big Sky Bikes, the +Specialized Bicycles dealer.
The owner, Robert Slayer looked at all the girls bikes and found on tire with 17psi in the tube. (LOW) Thanks for your help Robert!

After getting checked we started our ride up through the Rattlesnake to the Trail head.

Our Stats for ride;

Miles - 15.7
Elevation Gain  - 997ft
Max speed on downhill - 24.6 miles an hour
Average temp - 86.7F

 Coach Jen's sweet ride - Specialized Rumor
I Am Specialized