Saturday, July 13, 2013

Montana Girl Mountain Bike Camp - High School Sesh

It is all about the High School Girls this week of Camp!
Camp starts at 11am to 4-5pm on Tuesday- Friday

Dress Up Theme Days

* Tall Socks Tuesdays
*80's Wednesdays
*Tank Top Thursdays
*PJ Friday

Bike in the mornings | Lunch | Art in the afternoons

1. Helmet
2. Water bottle
3. Rain gear
4. Bike (with good brakes and gears working)
5. Big Lunch & Snacks
6. Backpack with extra tube for flats


Tuesday  - Blue Mountain. Big ride up to the top! Amazing dow
Wednesday -  Lake Como (travel down past Hamilton to ride trail around lake)
Thursday - CDT (continental divide trail!)
We drive to Butte, ride part of the Butte 100 course, then swim and stay at Fairmont Hot Springs!

1. Sleeping bag
2. Overnight Bag

More info on website: Montana Girl Mountain Bike Camp
Call Jen with any questions.

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