Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jr Girls Ride - Marshall Mountain

Since the Kettlehouse Wednesday Night Mountain Bike series started June 5th - we wanted to pre-ride the course.
After getting permission from Ben Horan the race director, the girls and I met up to practice the steep bridge drop and test our skills on the fun & flowy single track through the trees.

The High School girls got brave and all dropped the bridge. It does not look steep from this angle, but it really is a serious decline.

We had some new girls come tonight too!
So awesome to ride with;
  •  High school Sophomore  Jasper who drove up from Billings Montana (5hours south of Missoula)
  • High school Freshman Madison from Hellgate in Missoula
  • And Also Elan who is a 7th grader at the Missoula International School.
Both of these girls are super adventurous all year round with their active families.

We split into groups since the Middle school girls wanted to laps on the lower lop of the trail. These guys love single track that is flowy.
The High school Girls wanted to focus on the upper level of the track (more climbing) and working on speed from the top of Chainbreaker (see map below).

They also tackled the bridge by keeping their butts back on the drop, staying straight, and not flipping over the handle bars by using the front brake only. The bottom of the bridge is shale and slippery with a slight turn.....but the girls are figured about how to deal with tough technical spot.
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