Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to teach girls to hit bike jumps (bring in the expert)

13 year old Hannah getting air time
Last week I coached at the Montana Girls Mountain Bike Camp with many of the Jr Girls that have been coming to the regular Tuesday night rides. This week was awesome because the girls got a lot of one-on-one attention with such a small group and I drove them all over to new trails they haven't been on yet.

Another bonus was having my son Alex Bardsley be a guest coach on dirt jumping. The girls were all eager to learn how to clear a gap and go off of jumps without wrecking. Alex kept a keen eye on the girls and was full of information on form and technique. I learned a ton too!
Alex coaching the girls on jumps -

Ellie loves (LOVES) her big bro. Alex is a pretty great kid, and awesome biker too. Thanks for taking the time to coach us bud!

Ellie in air

Skye going Big!

Maddy showing great form and a relaxed natural postion on the jump


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