Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday Night JR Girls MTB Ride - Rattlesnake May 14, 2013

Ellie (13) Clara (16) Allison (15) MAMA Jen (38) Skye (13) Baylee (16)
 We all agreed that mountain biking on Tuesday night was better than texting, facebook and netflix.
Such a great night, the girls showed up to ride! We road up Spring gulch, back down Curry, then up to Sawmill gulch to ride down Ewok twice!
Sweet Allison did not get the memo to look tough - However, she kills it on the bike and knows how to ride hard. She is the kind of kid that you don't have to teach inner strength too, she is tough when she needs to be.
*All these girls are AMAZING skiers too. I have found that girls that know how to negotiate tree skiing in the winter have the same "body awareness" on a bike.
  • They drop their shoulders naturally on corners
  • They keep their eye on where they want to go
  • They are aggressive when moving over obstacles
  • They feel comfortable moving fast through the trees 
Only a little carnage - Baylee road her dad's mountain bike with clipless pedals (her first time in clipless). She has a stellar wreck with dirt all over her back, bloody leg and arm.
She was excited to bring home her dad's Specialized MTN Bike with her blood on it. (Seriously - look below)
What a great attitude Bay! She was ready to ride again and got back on the horse (bike).
MT ALPHA Jr Team Members
Ellie and Clara
Ellie and Clara always bring their Passion of riding to any trail.
Clara is a scary fast downhiller and Ellie knows how to push her limits. Both girls have great skills in hill climbing, negotiating technical rocky sections and bombing descents.
I LOVE RIDING WITH THEM. It is a joy for me to watch them kill it on the trail.
Plus, they are super fun to hang out with too.
 These Girls Mean Business!
Watch out boyz - we like dirt too!
I am Specialized

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