Thursday, May 30, 2013

Muddy Jr Girls Rip Sam Braxton Trail

Meet: 6:30 at Upper Trail Head (top of Pattee Canyon Drive)

Super fun time with the girls on Tuesday night. It had rained all day and I wasn't sure if the trails would be ok to ride, but they were good and nappy.

The girls loved getting muddy, right away they wanted to have a contest for who could get the dirtiest.

The girls were squeeling and yelling with happiness on the downhill. When we got to the bottom, Zoe said she could hear us down in the parking lot (mile below).

Miles: 3.4
Elevation gain: 350 feet (from 4,100 feet to 4,450 feet)
This trail is named after a well-known Missoula skier, bicyclist and outdoorsman. Cool Dude.
This trail is super flowy and is a rollercoaster ride around the southeast portion of Pattee Canyon Recreation Area.
Look for giant old-growth western larch and ponderosa pine, Montana's state tree, near the beginning of the trail.

The trail begins four miles up Pattee Canyon Road, just off the south side parking area. Bear to the right beyond the gate in the parking area and follow the roadway to the trailhead.


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