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Bike Mamaz in the News - Mother's Day Missoulian Article

Bike Mamaz in the News - Missoulian Mothers Day Article
This photo was taken just a week after Tanner's Passing - We started brainstorming right away about the Park
Betsey Cohen of the Missoulian contacted me to do a story on Mothers.
She heard about the "Bike Mamaz" and our efforts in helping fund raise $$$$ and support for The Tanner Olson Memorial Bike Park while interviewing me about my Specialized Women's Ambassadorship.
Tanner was my son's buddy that died tragically n
early 2 years ago in a car crash near Arlee, Montana. The tragedy brought us all to our knees and we all wanted to help support Kathy in the loss of her youngest child Tanner.
Click here for the website about the Bike Park efforts and Tanner Olson.
We were excited to meet with her and Missoulian photographer Michael Gallacher on May 8th to discuss all the work we have done thus far. The Missoulian Article came out on on Mothers Day - front page!

While this news article will be focused on "Mothers", there are MANY MANY MANY other folks (not mothers) that have worked tireless hours towards our goal.
Thank you for your time and energy!
Besided just selling I Ride For Tanner Gear - Our Fundraising Projects thus far include;

2011 Momentum hosted a Hill Climb, Snowbowl Mt - Missoulian Newpaper Article
2011 Chamberline Rail Jam, Missoula, MT -
2011 Hopin to Be Open Rail Jam - Lost rail pwder mnt
2011 Ride for Tanner Rail Jam, Missoula, MT - Rail jam website
2012 I ride for Tanner Leprechaun Launch Slopestyle
Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Montana

2012 Summer Concert Series with Big Sky Brewery - Beer Sales go to Bike Park! -Big Sky Brewery Concerts
2012 I Ride For Tanner Rail Jam, Missoula MT.
2012 Chamberline Rail Jam, Missoula, MT
2013 The Helmet Project - Missoula Bicycle Works
2013 Momentum Hill Climb - Snowbowl MT
2013 Summer Concert Series with Big Sky Brewery - THANKS BIG SKY! WE LOVE YOU!
I had an "ah-ha" moment during the interview.
We really have been rocks for eachother over the last 2 years since Tanner's passing.
I know that I can rely on you all.
What is equally remarkable is how Kathy has such deep reservoir of love and strength.

Jennier, jen and Nancy at Momentums Hill Climb 2011

Mama Nancy & Kathy

Yes, that is Tanner Hall's Mom Darla at the I Ride For Tanner Rail Jam 2011

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