Sunday, December 1, 2013

Helltrack Bike Race | Portland Oregon

Stoked to win the Women's Race at Helltrack

Traveling to Portland Oregon was such a treat. Helltrack proved to be a super fun race and I was so happy to win the women's race. Plus Size BMX put on a crazy event. The course had a ton of hard obstacles. The Lumberyard proved to be a great venue for such a unique event.

Thankfully I had done Dixie Trix this summer at the Outlaws of Dirt in Colorado, so I had some new skills for wood jumps, berms and wood planks. 

My fave part of the race was the giant bowl of Lucky Charms to ride creative!

Big Love for my Specialized Rumor - my bike was such a beast and gave an edge plowing threw the course. LOVE HER! 

Ruandy Albisurez Photography -
Girls that ride!
Loved meeting so many rad girls like Shelby at The Lumberyard. Shelby rides big air and is a total sweetie too!
Super fun to ride different bike parks along the way from Montana to Oregon. This was an early morning sesh on my Specialized Rumor in Idaho.
Inside The Lumberyard 

I made Podium with my son!
Great event Plus Size BMX!

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Radio Interview - Jr Girls Rock The TRAIL 103.3

In the Studio at The Trail 103.3

What a treat to be interviewed for the hour long radio show, The Trail Less Traveled with Mandela on the Trail 103.3.

The Girls and I all piled into the radio studio and took turns answering questions about Mountain Biking and all the adventures we did this past season. 

It was awesome to witness the girls all explain in their own way how to ride. I was super impressed with their safety knowledge and insightful thoughts about pushing beyond your limits.
Jr Girls at the Radio Station to be interviewed by Mandela on  The Trail Less Traveled.

Thank you Mandela for the opportunity to talk about my work as Specialized Women's Bike Ambassador and MT Alpha Cycling.
More Girls on Bikes!

Click here for the Trail Less Traveled Facebook Page 
Click here for the Trail Less Traveled Website

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Raising $$$ for Bike Park in Missoula

This is where my heart is. Raising money for a bike park in my hometown in memory of my son's buddy Tanner Olson. Tanner was killed July 2nd 2011 driving up to Flathead lake for the 4th of July.
Please plan to attend this event, it is going to be awesome and all the money goes toward the Tanner Olson Memorial Bike Park.

3rd Annual Ride For Tanner Rail Jam

November 9th 2013 | Caras Park in Downtown Missoula MT!


All proceeds go to the Tanner Olson Memorial Fund to make a BMX park in downtown Missoula and help the freestyle ski community with events like this!

$7 Admission for Spectators.

Beer, Wine, and Soda!
Cash prizes & Swag Bags for Riders!
Music by DJ M-AD, DJ Mark Myriad, and Truth.

21+ After Party at the Palace Free Admission

Registration fee is $25 and includes entry into the event, an event t-shirt, and a wrist band. Please have exact amount in cash or check.
*There are twenty slots for skiers and twenty slots for snowboarders so please pre-register if you want a guaranteed spot in the competition by contacting Jasmine Storm Bloemeke either by facebook or by phone/text 406-381-9202.
Here is an edit I made of Tanner Biking near our house before his passing.
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rolling Thunder Race 2013 - Fun to race with the Pro Women!

Rolling Thunder is one of my favorite races of the Season. I Love it!

One reason is because it is at night and so many pro women come to compete. This brings the spectators too. They heckle, hold out beers and money and generally make the brutal race worth the extra effort of pushing it up hills. This year I wore a Bat Girl costume over my MT ALPHA kit, I felt tough with my black eye make-up. (wink!)

The Run Up - tons of Spectators at the top to cheer on racers.

This was my first season on my new Specialized Crux. What a joy to ride such a fast bike! For many years I have been racing on my old kona and just getting spanked, but now I can easily run up hills with my light weight bike and speed through the flat sections.

My highlights at the event was making $15 in cash during race (spectators hold out money for racers). Also, I took a swig of 3 beers, so that got me some good cheers. Also, had fun during the flash mob dance right before the race ( What does the fox say?)

Jen practicing before race start....
"I loved the Woops on the Course - My Specialized Crux was rock and roll"

Thanks for the photo Myke Hermsmeyer Photography
And the race is on!
Fun running over barriers. My bike was so light and easy to get over obstacle's.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rolling Thunder Sweep for Jr Girls Race

Alli (1st) Elise (2nd) Hannah (3rd)
I couldn't be more happy than getting these girls to a race to test all the skills we have worked on all season. Rolling Thunder is the premier cyclocross race in Montana. It attracts Pro Riders from all over the northwest!
Allie, Hannah and Elise with Don checking race time.
Our Jr Girls came to Rolling Thunder Race with some skills and determination.
High school sophomore Alli Penington put all her hill climbing miles to the test on the most technical cyclocross course in Missoula. Although her bike was super heavy, she pushed hard up the hike-up section and rocked the berms with style.

2nd place girl rider was Elise Baker. Elise has raced every race at the Missoula Cyclocross Wednesday night series. She easily worked the flat section on her cross bike and kept a steady pace. Also, Elise went on to race the in the Women's Cat 4 race imminently after the Jr's Race. Way to go Elise!

3rd place Hannah Wolf used her sweet mountain bike skills on the technical woops section and dropped the single track downhill section with ease. Hannah worked super hard and we say "GREAT JOB!"
 Hannah on the woops
 Alli on the downhill
 Elise on the hill climb
Hannah working the Berm
 Alli running up the hill climb

Friday, October 18, 2013

Race #5 in Missoula Cyclocross Series 2013

 Oh how I love racing on this course! 
Missoula Cyclocross race #5 had a great turn out and Mt Alpha came out tough.
Kristine won the women's division A with Claire right behind her for 2nd place.
I took 2nd for Women's B.
Jen Bardsley mixed in with Men's B racers and Master's Men after the run-up.
Photo by Tom Robertson

Super super fast!
Catch me if you can - Claire and Kristine on Specialized Bikes - The Fate and The Crux!
Claire 2nd Womens A, Kristine 1st Women's A
Photo by Tom Robertson

               Again, Elise Won Jr girls and Hannah had her 1st cross experience.
Way to go Jr Girls! That was a tough race!
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Missoula Cyclocross Race #4 - Repeat Performance at Fort Missoula


Again, a repeat performance from last weeks race.
Jen takes 2nd in Women's B race and Claire takes 3rd in Women's A

This race was super fun since where a fun wall ride on a tight corner before the hill. Again the spectators were fantastic!

The men's leaders were killing it on the course - it is so impressive how fast they are.
Again a great photo by Tom Robertson

Game Face?

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Cyclocross Race at Fort Missoula

Series leader Pari Kemmick, Zoe Glas currently third in series, and Jen riding for MT Alpha in 2nd place in Series.
Start Line for Men and Women's B Race - Photo by Tom Robertson

This race was my favorite for course design.
I love racing at Fort Missoula, there are rail road features,  historic buildings and lots of fun hills to climb.  I loved the crowd at this race, so many folks turned up to cheer on the hill climb.

I had a good lead on the next rider behind me, so I stopped at the top of the hill to chug a spectators beer that he was offering. Surprisingly, it didn't make me feel bad. (probably because of the cheering squad). I jumped back on my Specialized Crux and did 2 more laps to finish in 2nd for Women's B.

LITTLE HISTORY LESSON - Fort Missoula was established as a permanent military post in 1877 in response to requests from local townspeople and settlers for protection in the event of conflict with western Montana Indian tribes. Intended as a major outpost for the region, area residents were also quite aware of the payroll, contracts and employment opportunities a fort would provide. Fort Missoula never had walls; rather, it was an “open fort,” a design common for posts located west of the Mississippi.
Open forts required troops to take the offensive and actively patrol the areas to which they were assigned.
Tipi-Burner, (cone structure on the left) c.1946; moved 2006 Tipi-Burners were once plentiful in the Missoula Valley, being used by every sawmill to burn waste from the milling operation. (1)
. References (1) Fort Missoula Flyer
The Fast Boyz - Photo by Tom Robertson

   MT ALPHA WOMEN - Claire Frost (3rd in Women's A) and Jen Bardsley (2nd in Women's B) at Race #3 at Fort Missoula.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Free Women's Mountain Bike Clinic Update

S is for Strong - S is for Specialized Women

As Specialized Women's Mountain Bike Ambassador, I got the honor of coaching at many women's bike skills clinics this summer. This last one in the Fall was really awesome because so many ladies turned out despite freezing cold weather and wet conditions.

I was super happy to have help from Mt Alpha female racer's Kristine Akland and Emily Plant. Also, Big Sky Bike's owner Robert Slayer and Alex Bardsley.

Course Instructor Kristine showing how to clear a jump on her Specialized Fate.

We also had special help from Pro bike mechanic James from Big Sky Bikes.
He checked over all the ladies bikes before we started the clinic. Thanks Guys!

Jen Coaching the ladies.
Learning to put their "boobs to the bar" and stay tight to their bikes on steep up hill sections of trail.

Setting up for Obstacle Course
Ladies pushing their boundaries to learn bunny hopping and Manuals.

Yeah girl - Front Wheel Lifts.


Big Thanks to Le Petit Outre for the delish pastries for the ladies.
Also, Kettle House Brewery for the cold beer and Specialized Women for Specialized water bottles.

I Am Specialized

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cyclocross Season Begins! | First race on my new Specialized Crux!

Jen's new cyclocross bike - 2013 Specialized Crux

Super happy about my new Specialized Crux.
I have been racing Cyclocross for 4 years now on my old mountain bike, it was so slow compared to the girls on Cross bikes.
This bike makes a HUGE difference - stoked to take 2nd at my first Cylcocross race this season.
Start for Men's A

Kristine and Jen
2nd Place Women's A
2nd Place Women's B

We Both ride a Specialized Crux!

I Am Specialized

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wet - Cold - Fun | Jr Girls Mt ALPHA Tuesday Night Ride Update

Dirt + Girls + Bikes = Rad

Tuesday night Jr's Ride was cold, wet and fun.
We met early to beat the sun setting at the Linclon Hills trail head. My plan was to ride where it is open and if we get caught with a wreck or injury that our exit plan off the mountain would be in the open without a technical descent in the dark. (you never know)

Luckily the only carnage was me. We road up Side-Winder and I was showing the girls how to deal with a technical rocky spot and endo-ed into my head. No real injury, just a bloody knee. But, I do need a new helmet.

Hellgate High School Junior Baylee above Missoula

The girls just love getting dirty. I was a bit concerned about all the wet puddles on the blind corners in case someone peeled out, but everyone rocked the single track smoothly.

These girls will be my helpers at the Free Women's Mountain Bike clinic on Thursday. They are no longer beginners and have awesome cycling vocabulary. "Stezie, Drop-it, Endo, Flowy, Bombing" ect.....

13 year old Hannah has gotten super strong riding hills.


Coach Jen's Sweet Specialized Bike The Rumor having fun on Single Track

Baylee, Hannah, Ellie and Hannah

13 year old Ellie loves to get "mud-facials" while Mountain Biking
Jr Girls above Missoula and Rattlesnake Neighborhoods
I Am Specialized